3 Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Assisted Living & Retirement Communities For Your Parents


If your parents are no longer able to take care of their home, or just want to downsize and get the help they need, assisted living can be a great solution for them. Finding an appropriate assisted living facility is something that you can help your parents with. As you help your parents look for the right assisted living facility, here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

#1 Avoid Choosing a Place That Fits Your Needs, Not Your Parent's Needs

When helping your parents find an assisted living community, keep in mind that your job is to help them find a place that fits their needs, not your own needs. Think about the thigs that your parents value and enjoy engaging in. To make sure that you focus on those needs, sit with your parents and talk about what they want to get out of their day to day lives.

Do they want to be able to garden? Is access to a kitchen important? Do they want community dining? Do they want a place where they can go swimming?

Talking with your parents and come up with a list of features that they value, so you can focus on what they want not what you would want.

#2 Avoid Choosing a Place That Doesn't Fit Your Parent's Medical Needs

Next, get real about what your parent's medical needs are right now and how this impacts what type of facility they need. For example, if one of your parents is experiencing dementia, a facility that caters to this may be best for your parents instead of a facility that is all about engaging in activities with new people. A facility that is more focused on routine may be best for your parents.

Make sure that your parents can participate and enjoy the type of community that you choose.

#3 Avoid Doing This On Your Own

Do not try to find a place for your parents on your own. Sit down and talk with your parents to get an idea of their needs and wants out of a senior living community. Talk to people who are involved in your parent's day-to-day life to get an idea of what needs they recognize that your parents need help with.

Consult with your parent's care providers, and find out how your parents are doing medical wise. Your parent's doctor may be able to tell you what type of medical needs your parents have and will need help with in the future. This is really important as an assisted living facility will help take care of your parent's medical needs as well as their living needs.

When you look for an assisted living facility or retirement community, make sure that you choose a place that fits your parent's social and medical needs. Be sure to consult with your parents as well as their doctor to make sure that you know what type of assistance they will need.


26 October 2018

Helping Your Parent Adjust to Assisted Living

My husband and I recently moved his mother to an assisted living facility. My name is Audrey Martin, and I am going to share our experience with you. My mother-in-law is eighty-two years old. She has been living on her own for twelve years since her husband passed away. My husband, David, is her only child. That left us in charge of making this decision for her since she has declined to the point of not being able to make sound decisions on her own. I’m not going to tell you that it’s been easy, but I will say that it can be done. I hope that what I’m about to share proves to be helpful to you should the time come that you are the one moving a loved one to an assisted living facility. Thanks for stopping by!