3 Important Considers When Choosing A Nursing Home For Your Parents


Moving your parents into a nursing home is a really big decision. Moving your parents into a nursing home means that your parents have healthcare needs that require the assistance of others. You need to find a facility that can meet your parent's needs, fits your budget, and has a reputation for providing excellent service.  

Location of the Nursing Home 

First, you need to consider the location of the nursing home from a few different angles. How close is the nursing home to your home? You want the nursing home to be close enough that you can regularly visit your parents. If the nursing home is only twenty minutes from your job or your home, you are more likely to stop by on a regular basis than if it is a two-hour drive away. Make sure that you will be able to visit the location regularly. 

You also need to consider how close the nursing home is to other medical providers. Is the nursing home close to the hospital? In the event of a medical emergency, how long would it take for an ambulance to get to the nursing home, and how long would it take your parent to get to the hospital? You want to choose a nursing home that is close to the nearest hospital.  

Payment Method for the Nursing Home 

Next, you need to look into how you can pay for the nursing home. Do they accept insurance to pay for the services that your parents will need? Will you have to pay out of pocket for any of the care that they receive?  

Find out what types of payment and insurance they accept, and then work to make sure that your parents will be able to meet the financial obligations of the nursing home.  

The Reputation of the Nursing Home 

Finally, be sure to investigate the reputation of the nursing home. Just like you would look up a contractor before you allow them to work on your home, or how you would look up the ratings of a restaurant, you should look up information about the nursing home. 

Look and see if there are any online reviews of the nursing home. How did people feel about the care that their loved ones received at the nursing home? If you can't find any reviews online, check with the business bureau in your state to see if there are any complaints lodged against the nursing home or if they have a stellar record. 

Take some time to learn about the reputation of the nursing home so that you are able to find the best nursing home for your parents.  

When it comes to helping your parents choose a nursing home, you want to choose one that is located near the hospital and will be easy for you to visit on a regular basis as well. Make sure the nursing home accepts your insurance and that you'll be able to afford the long-term costs associated with the nursing home. Finally, look into the reputation of the nursing home. These three different considerations will help guide you to the right nursing home for your parents.   


27 September 2019

Helping Your Parent Adjust to Assisted Living

My husband and I recently moved his mother to an assisted living facility. My name is Audrey Martin, and I am going to share our experience with you. My mother-in-law is eighty-two years old. She has been living on her own for twelve years since her husband passed away. My husband, David, is her only child. That left us in charge of making this decision for her since she has declined to the point of not being able to make sound decisions on her own. I’m not going to tell you that it’s been easy, but I will say that it can be done. I hope that what I’m about to share proves to be helpful to you should the time come that you are the one moving a loved one to an assisted living facility. Thanks for stopping by!