How To Find The Best Senior Living Residence For Your Or Your Loved One


It's not always easy to think about moving out of your home and into senior living. It can be difficult to convince a parent to move into a residence that is easier for them in the long run as well.

It can also be one of the best decisions you can make. It can ensure that you or your loved one has medical care if needed and in many cases, that you can continue to live an independent lifestyle. Here are some tips on finding a senior living residence.

Talk To Your Doctor

One of the first things you should do before you decide on a senior living residence is to talk to your doctor. They can advise you on your overall health and ability to care for your home long-term. Can you still cut the grass or shovel the snow? Can you clean your home easily or is it giving you problems?

If you are looking for a home for your loved ones, you can speak with their doctor who can advise you on the best steps to take. They can also explain the different types of senior living and help you choose which one is best for your loved one. If they need a higher level of care, they can recommend communities that would best suit them. If they are more independent, you will have options here too.

Determine Your Budget

When looking for the best senior living residence, you will need to determine what your budget is. Senior living communities have varying price points ranging from luxury to standard. You might like a certain community but it could be out of your price range. This is where your research into each community will be helpful.

You should first determine what you can afford including all expenses not just monthly rent on a residence. You should also look into any potential sources of financial help if you have a lower budget to work with. This can include veteran's pensions, Social Security, work pensions, and life insurance.

Know What You Want

Once you know what you can afford and what type of senior living residence is best for you or your loved one physically, you also need to know what you want in a residence. Are you still active? Do you like to play golf or take short trips to museums or shopping? Are you social and would like a place to meet new friends and enjoy get-togethers?

You might want a residence that has a swimming pool onsite or perhaps offers fitness classes. You might like to learn pottery or oil painting. You need to know what you would like in a senior living residence to help you pick the best one for you. 


2 December 2021

Helping Your Parent Adjust to Assisted Living

My husband and I recently moved his mother to an assisted living facility. My name is Audrey Martin, and I am going to share our experience with you. My mother-in-law is eighty-two years old. She has been living on her own for twelve years since her husband passed away. My husband, David, is her only child. That left us in charge of making this decision for her since she has declined to the point of not being able to make sound decisions on her own. I’m not going to tell you that it’s been easy, but I will say that it can be done. I hope that what I’m about to share proves to be helpful to you should the time come that you are the one moving a loved one to an assisted living facility. Thanks for stopping by!