Assisted Living Decisions: When To Sell The House


Many seniors move from a house into an assisted living facility for ease and socialization in addition to getting help with their everyday needs. When your loved one decides to move into an assisted living facility, the question of selling his or her home may come into question. Should the house be sold before or after your loved one moves to the facility? Here are some things to consider: Are Finances an Issue?

6 December 2019

3 Important Considers When Choosing A Nursing Home For Your Parents


Moving your parents into a nursing home is a really big decision. Moving your parents into a nursing home means that your parents have healthcare needs that require the assistance of others. You need to find a facility that can meet your parent's needs, fits your budget, and has a reputation for providing excellent service.   Location of the Nursing Home  First, you need to consider the location of the nursing home from a few different angles. How close is the nursing home to your home?

27 September 2019

Don't Want To Be Separated From A Spouse Who Needs Memory Care Services? Here Are 3 Reasons To Move Into A Facility Together


When your spouse has dementia or Alzheimer's disease, he or she may be unable to perform most daily tasks such as bathing or eating. Additionally, your spouse may also require almost constant monitoring. For most, this would signal that it's time to move your spouse into an assisted living facility for his or her safety. However, this can be a difficult decision for many people. What if you don't want to be separated from your spouse?

5 August 2019

How To Keep Seniors Safe From In-Home Accidents


If your senior loved one stills lives alone, you will need to make sure that his or her home is as safe as possible to help prevent in-home accidents or injuries. If you believe that your loved one is still at risk for an accident in the home despite your best efforts at "accident proofing", it may be time to consider placement in an assisted living community. Here are some ways to keep your elderly loved one safe from in-home accidents:

19 May 2019